KARIBU in Swahili means WELCOME

Africa Passion Safari has been founded to let you experience an authentic East African safari that will show you the magnificent world of wildlife and nature, the great wildebeest migration, the elephant sanctuary, and the Big Five of Africa. We prepare each safari trip individually, we carefully select parks for you to visit based on an interview. The number of days, hotel base, and additional activities are also being accustomed to your needs. Let us show you the world through our eyes so you can truly marvel in its beauty and leave a piece of your heart here, in Africa!

The name Tanzania is a word originating from the merger of „Tanganyika” and „Zanzibar”; it was adopted when the two countries joined in 1964. Tanzania has 61,744 million people, living on a surface area of 945,087 square kilometers, three times larger than PolandDar es Salaam is the largest city and had served as the capital until the 1970s. The current capital city of Tanzania is Dodoma, located in the center of the country. In Tanzania, there exist more than 120 ethnic groups living together in one country. Each one of them has its own language, but the national language of Tanzania is Swahili.
Tanzania boasts 22 national parks and 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites including the Kilimanjaro National Park and the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and the historic town of Stone Town in Zanzibar.

It is a journey that often stands behind the term ‘Safari’ in the Language of East Africa (Swahili). It is indeed a unique experience provided by Tanzania Safari. Thanks to it tourists can witness exceptional landscapes and cultures, all beautifully connected. The breathtaking beauty surrounding Tanzania pays homage to nature’s creation, full of greenery and wildlife. 

This is the country that hosts the picturesque Mount Kilimanjaro and the endless plain of the Serengeti. It is the best African country – a place where one can go on a safari trip in order to marvel in the variety and complexity of wildlife. Currently, it is the most sought-after destination to get a unique experience of wild nature. A safari in Tanzania is the most exciting and unforgettable trip you can live through if you love nature and wildlife. You will never forget the immensity of the sky, the deep scarlet color of the African soil, the boundless spaces of the savannah. Tanzania, this peaceful and hospitable country, will make you live through one of the most intense and exciting adventures of your life.

We are different. Do you know why?


The Wildlife in Tanzania – with 25% of its area preserved for land and wildlife conservation, Tanzania is truly unrivaled in its breadth and depth of wildlife. There are countless reasons a nature enthusiast would choose Tanzania
The Great Migration – This continuous movement of more than 2 million grazing animals through the Serengeti is one of the world’s greatest wildlife phenomena.
Big Cat PopulationsTanzania is home to about half of the population of lions in the entire Africa. They’re joined by cheetahs, leopards, servals, and more. If your dream is to see big cats in their wild habitat, Tanzania is your destination.
The “Big Five” – the lion, leopard, African buffalo, endangered black rhino, and elephant make up the legendary Big Five. Tanzania is one of the last places on earth you can spot them all in one day.
Bird’s ParadiseTanzania is a home for over 1,120 different bird species, from familiar species like doves, swifts, and ostriches, to more exotic species, like the lilac-breasted roller, superb starling, and malachite kingfisher. 

When visiting a new country, it is worth to learn how to say even the basic “good morning” in the foreign language. That’s why we present you a few fundamental Swahili words and expressions to make your day in Tanzania even more beautiful! Did you know that ‘Simba’ means ‘lion’ in Swahili? And ‘Hakuna Matata’ means ‘no problem’. 

‘Jambo’ is a word you will hear everywhere. It means ‘hello’, an answer ‘Poa’ means ‘good’! 

Below we present a few basic expressions you might need in Tanzania. Maybe you know some of them already. At first, it is worth to learn:

Jambo – Hello
Mambo – Hi
Poa – good, cool
Rafiki – friend
ndiyo – yes
hapana – no
Karibu –  welcome
Kwaheri – goodbye
Asante – thank you
Asane sana – thank you very much
Tafadhali – please
Samahani – sorry
Hakuna matata – no problem
Sawa – it’s okay


We’re in the business of making dreams come true! That includes making your drem trip a reality. Travel to the wilderness, fall asleep to the sound of lions and wake up to the sound of a 1000-bird choir!

But every one of our trips is also about make the dreams of OTHERS come true. We donate $50 from each booking to the Canaan Children Center ot Bethlehem Center for Children orphanage from the town of Arusha in Tanzania. If you ever want to meet the child whose dreams you.ve helped come true – they’ll always be excited to see you. We guarantee the sincerest smile ti the history of the world and – if you-re lucky – a chance to play a little 1-on-1 soccer!  

Sharing the magical African wilderness with YOU and buying a soccer ball or notebook for someone who really needs it … that’s what WE call a dream come true!